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This page is primarily intended for patients or their carers who have been referred or are considering a neuropsychiatric consultation.

My Expertise

I specialise in the following areas clinically:Psychological or psychiatric issues in relation to various neurological conditions including Epilepsy, MS, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Stroke

Memory disorders including Amnesic Syndromes, Early Onset Dementias and Mild Cognitive Impairment

Medically Unexplained Neurological SymptomsNon Epileptic fits / seizures

Non neurological movement disorders

Mood disorders or Anxiety disorders affecting neurological conditions.

Stress related neurological symptoms

Neuropsychiatric syndromes / disordersOrganic Psychiatric Disorders

Co-morbid physical and psychiatric conditions

General psychiatric conditions
Neuropsychiatric Consultation

A neuropsychiatric consultation consists of a face-to-face meeting with patient either with or without a family member. This involves obtaining information about a person’s background and history of progression of current symptoms. Part of the consultation is neuropsychiatric examination, which is mainly verbal. It is important part of the assessment to see a member of the family who has known the patient well.

Towards end of the first consultation, discussion focuses on the diagnosis and the proposed treatment. It may be necessary to order certain investigations like blood tests, brain scans, EEG or Neuropsychological assessment to clarify the diagnosis.

Duration of consultation

A typical first consultation for assessment lasts for about one and half hours. It may be occasionally required to continue the assessment during the second session depending upon the complexity of a case.

The duration of subsequent sessions depends upon the nature of follow-up session. A routine session to review condition and treatment may only last for half an hour. A psychological treatment session will generally last for 50 –60 minutes.

Consultation venue

I currently work from St George’s Hospital (Tooting) and The Wolfson Neurorehabilitation centre (Wimbledon). I normally see private patients on weekdays in the evening on appointment basis.

Directions to St George’s Hospital

Directions to The Wolfson

BMI Coombe Wing
7th Floor, Esher Wing
Kingston Hospital
Galsworthy road
Kingston upon Thames
Phone: 020 8934 2875

Parkside Hospital
53 Parkside
SW19 5NX
Phone: 020 8971 8026


Treatments provided

A wide range of treatments is offered and is tailored to patient’s needs and preferences. It includes treatment with medications, educational sessions, relaxation exercises, psychological treatments including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Occasionally a consultation is necessary only for a second opinion or opinion about the diagnosis. Patients may also like to a session to discuss their concerns and seek further information in relation to their condition.

Referral Process

Patients are generally referred to me by their GP or their neurologist. Occasionally patients may self refer for a consultation. However, it is recommended that those who are insured should seek a referral to make sure their consultation is covered under their insurance.

Telephonic consultation

I shall be available for a telephonic conversation if any one wishes to seek advice after the first consultation or in emergencies. Please leave your number with my secretary with a brief message about reason for the consultation and I shall get back to you as soon as possible. This will normally be on the same day or next day depending on the degree of urgency.


Contact my secretary on neuropsychiatry1@gmail.com for my fees for consultation.

  • Fees are normally recoverable under medical insurance with most of the major insurers.
  • Any cancellations of appointment with less than 3 days notice or appointments not attended are chargeable at the normal rate.
  • The private patients are responsible for my fee irrespective of whether they are insured or self-funding. It is a patient’s responsibility to check with their insurer that they are insured for the consultation with me and obtain the authorisation.
  • I expect confirmation of such authorisation or payment in advance via a cheque issued in favour of
    Dr Niruj Agrawal before the first consultation.
  • Please contact my secretary (Rebecca Ewens) if you require any further information or need some assistance.
Request for an appointment

I have seen information for private patients on Dr Agrawal’s website. I accept those conditions and wish to be contacted to receive a mutually convenient appointment.

If you experience any difficulty in obtaining the code or wish to discuss any of the above points, please feel free to contact his secretary (Rebecca Ewens). She will be delighted to assist you.