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Patient Gallery  

Patient gallery contains some of the comments made by my patients or their carers following initial consultation or at the end of the treatment.

  • “I am relieved that someone at last has enquired about how my illness has affected my emotions”.

  • “I never understood how powerful mind is and how stress could produce real physical symptoms”.

  • “Thank you for saving our marriage. He was a completely different person since the brain injury and his temper and mood swings were about to ruin our relationship”.

  • “When they told me that they could not find anything on tests and that I had to go and see a neuropsychiatrist, I felt they did not believe me and were suggesting that it was all in my mind. I am glad I came to see you”.

  • “It is unbelievable looking back how my MS was leading on to mood swings and crying spells for no reason. I thought it was normal to feel like that with MS”.

  • “This is the first time I feel someone has listened to and understood my problems”.

  • “ I am now free from the fits for the first time in last few years. I had endured several antiepileptic medications even though the cause of my fits was not epilepsy”.